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Images UFO / OVNI EUA / JUNHO 10 -1964
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This UFO image shows its shape very clear. We only have the date in which this photo was taken and that it was found at a sótom. The image has got marks of damage and therefore it may be assumed that there was no care for itt. Or it may have been damaged by other causes such as flood, tornados and it is quite lucky to have survived. So we disregard any concern to the damaged area for the procedures below.


What is interesting about this picture? It resembles very much the projects from the Nazi themselves, ufo sightings in countries such as Switzerland, Austria and ufos submitted by George Adamski. However, we have a suspicion that the small mast at the top is an antenna and there lies the question whether an alien spacecraft would have need for such devices, so common in general aircraft.

Eventually it could be anything like an extraterrestrial craft or just another hoax using a small model. The proximity of some bushes also leads to this idea.


Analyzing the image and the UFO in 3D


The object is shown as being flying in the air, at low speed or hovering.


Applying special filters and inverting colors:

UFO EUA - Análise OVNI

In this technique the brightness of each pixel in the channels is converted to its inverse. It is useful to examine some particularities in the image and how the UFO relates to it. Despite of the looking, the images presented in this section cannot be taken for a negative (colour) or a positive (b/w)

The illumination that comes on the object shows it is receiving external solar lighting. The body of the object presents projections and mounting shapes. We do not believe it is a smooth body, fluidic and perhaps it is made of different materials - but we have no certainty, as being an indication that it could be due to the light reflection from two parts of the object, its body and the "hub" lower part.

There is a problem in this image presented as such. The angles of incidence of sunlight at the points of brightness. The Sun in the vejetação seems high but the brightness of the object shows different. Also the shadow on the bottom of this UFO tends to be higher when compared with the shadows made by trees. We noticed this when the image reduced to only two colors. The red clearer as to translate the area with less incidence of light and green for greater impact. In other words, pixels equivalent with same color .. If you look there is a difference in 02 reflexes (points of light on the disc) in terms of intensity and the reflection above the base of the dome is more homogênio with respect to the total picture and admit that the UFO is composed entirely of a single material, it is tempting the idea of having two light sources for this photo.



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